Step 1. Calculate the Raw Score: Each short form item response option has a matching number next to the checkbox. Numbers are lower for response options indicating lower levels of function. The raw score is calculated by summing the numbers associated with the response for each item.  

Step 2. Convert the Raw Score to a Standardized Score: Use the score conversion table associated with each AM-PAC® short form to convert the raw score to a standardized Z-score. AM-PAC® Short Form score conversion tables are NOT interchangeable. Each short form has a unique score conversion table.

Step 3: Convert the Z-score to a t-score.  Multiply the Z-score by 10 and add 50 to create a standardized t-score where the mean is 50 points and a standard deviation is +10 points. 

Step 4: Score interpretation:  Converting raw scores to standardized t-scores allows a user to compare AM PAC scores within a functional domain across short forms or with the CAT.