Two AM-PAC versions are currently available:

  1. Paper-and-pencil Short forms for designed for inpatient and outpatient settings
    The items in the different short forms are drawn from the same AM-PAC item banks so that the standardized scores for specific functional domains (i.e., basic mobility, daily activity and applied cognitive) can be compared across all versions of the AM-PAC instruments.  More information about AM-PAC Short Forms is available in the attached Users’ Manual.
  2. Computerized Adaptive Tests (CATs):
    The AM-PAC CAT uses a computer algorithm to pre-select the items that will be administered to a specific patient based on responses to previous items. Access to a computer is required to use the AM-PAC CAT.  Two versions of the AM-PAC CAT are available – a free-standing computer version and web-based computer version.  A detailed description of the AM-PAC CAT is in the attached Users’ Manual.
  • Authors

    • Senior Authors Alan Jette, PT, PhD Stephen M. Haley, PT, PhD Wendy Coster, OT, PhD Peng Sheng Ni, MD, MPH