• Can be used as a patient-reported or clinician reported measure
  • In each domain, AM-PAC scores are standardized to a mean of 50 and a standard deviation of 10
  • Conversion tables to CMS G-codes are available for all AM-PAC scales
  • In its CAT format, the number of items will vary, typically 5 to 8 items per domain.
  • Inpatient short form contains 6 items per domain.
  • Outpatient short form contains 15-18 items per domain
  • CAT versions of the AM-PAC Basic Mobility and Daily Activity scales available in over 20 languages

Minimal Detectable Change:

  • Basic Mobility:  MDC = 4.28
  • Daily Activity:  MDC = 3.70
  • Applied Cognitive:  MDC = 5.55
  • Authors

    • Senior Authors Alan Jette, PT, PhD Stephen M. Haley, PT, PhD Wendy Coster, OT, PhD Peng Sheng Ni, MD, MPH