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Can be used as a patient-reported or clinician reported measure In each domain, AM-PAC scores are standardized to a mean of 50 and a standard deviation of 10 Conversion tables to CMS G-codes are available for all AM-PAC scales In its CAT format, the number of items will vary, typically 5 to 8 items per […]


Tracking improvement or decay in individual patient function Benchmarking functional change across practice sites, networks, or across clinicians. As a basis for reimbursement for services provided Used for internal quality improvement activities Used as an outcome measure in clinical trials and related research

Intended Population

The AM-PAC is designed for examining functional outcomes over an episode of post acute care, as patients move across institutional and community-based care settings. The AM-PAC is validated for use with post acute care patients with major medical, orthopedic, and neurologic impairments. It has been tested in many mixed populations including: Acute hospital Inpatient rehabilitation […]


Two AM-PAC versions are currently available: Paper-and-pencil Short forms for designed for inpatient and outpatient settings The items in the different short forms are drawn from the same AM-PAC item banks so that the standardized scores for specific functional domains (i.e., basic mobility, daily activity and applied cognitive) can be compared across all versions of […]

AM-PAC Domains

The AM-PAC instrument examines a set of 269 functional activities that are likely to be encountered by most adults during daily routines within the context of either an inpatient episode of care or outpatient post acute services. (i.e., the item bank). Because functional activity is multidimensional, AM-PAC item banks are organized into three functional areas: […]

Welcome to the Boston University AM-PACTM Website

Overview: The Boston University Activity Measure for Post Acute Care (AM-PACTM ), originally published in 2004, is an activity limitations instrument developed by researchers at Boston University’s Health and Disability Research Institute.  The World Health Organization’s International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) is the conceptual framework for the AM-PAC.  According to the ICF, […]